The ougainville Copper Project

A message from the webmaster Peter Goerman, formerly senior auditor with Bechtel during the construction phase of the Bougainville Copper Project, now living in glorious retirement near Batemans Bay on the South Coast of New South Wales:

I love this word WEBMASTER! Sounds great, doesn't it? Makes you feel like you're Master of the Universe or something like that! I started this website in 2003 when I had nothing better to do and I have been surprised by the responses it has drawn from so many people. To this day it has had over 60,000 visitors. If you have something to contribute - photos, anecdotes, ANYTHING! - do it now! My email address is .

Most of the emails I receive are now shown on the separate Bougainville Comments blog. One email I've just had was from "Goldfinger" Roy Goldsworthy who's right now in between contracts and touring Australia. He tells me that a U.K.-based recruiting firm wanted to offer him another job but didn't know how and where to contact him. In desperation they "GOOGLEd" for ROY GOLDSWORTHY and found his email address on this Bougainville website!

Little Carlos In a recent TV program I watched the plight of the remaining orangutans in Borneo and West Sumatra as their habitat is destroyed forever by the relentless logging of forests. I was so moved by the misery suffered by our nearest relatives in the Animal Kingdom that I immediately signed up as a member of Borneo Orangutan Survival (BOS) Australia and also adopted a baby orangutan. If you want to know more about this worthwhile cause and perhaps help, visit their webpage at .

Until my next ramblings - Cheers!
Peter Goerman
Nelligen N.S.W. 2536
my private blog

By the way, a South American scientist from Argentina, after a lengthy study, has discovered that people with insufficient brain and sexual activity read their websites with their hand on the mouse. DON'T BOTHER TAKING IT OFF NOW, IT'S TOO LATE!!!