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In my days on Bougainville we had little time for indulgences such as visiting Arovo Island (indeed, it wasn't developed until much later). Therefore, I rely on others to submit their comments and anecdotes for inclusion on this page. Please email me!
Aerial view of Arovo Island
Picture contributed by Urs Christen
Arovo Island Bar
Can anyone put some names to those faces (or those legs)?
Picture contributed by Peter Leonard ("Pockets")
On Arovo Island Beach  
can anyone put names to faces? Email me!
Picture contributed by Peter Leonard ("Pockets")
Arovo Island Resort Staff  
Picture contributed by Peter Leonard ("Pockets")



arovo01.jpg - Arovo Island Jetty 1986
arovo02.jpg - Arovo Resort Scuba Hut 1986 (this was owned / managed by John McLeod
arovo03.jpg - Arovo Island Resort approx 1983 (white game fishing cruiser at mooring was owned by Robbie Robson)
arovo04.jpg - Looking towards Loloho & Mt Bagana volcano from Arovo 1986
arovo05.jpg - Arovo Island Resort Ferry High & Dry approx 1987

What a great investment!!!

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