The ougainville Copper Project

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All pictures courtesy of Graeme Wellington
Ern Mitchell, Community Relations Officer with BCL
(here maintaining a close relationship with a bottle)
George Johnson with Ken Nelson in background at Barapinang Stores, late '67.
Pat Gerkens (later Nicholls) and Ron Nicholls.  Friends from Bechtel.  Lost touch with them when they were in the USA in the late '70s. Ray Conway, hydrologist, here engaged in some hydrotherapy. Married Jean Waddleton who was secretary with BCL. Now lives north coast of NSW
The "Old Boozer" at Pan Flat. From left to right: Chris Reddel, Ian (Sarge) Williams, Tony Cowell, Graeme Wellington. Taken late '67. Ross Henderson, the local kiap. Now lives in northern Tasmania, Australia, and consults to the timber industry (talking to the trees?).
Graeme and Gill Wellington with Ian and Annie
Smith at Kawerong House function.  It was
the same night during the dinner that someone
bent over and bit Anne Blackwell (Mine Manager's
wife) on the bum as she was serving food!
Good career move!
Graeme Wellington in one of the lesser active craters. The photographer was even further
down in the crater (when last seen!).
Ross Jones (?), Graeme Wellington, John Eccles
on top of Mount Balbi volcano, Easter 1973
Mike Edmeades (industrial psychologist before Lanse Taudevin) after a footy match at Panguna - circa 1973 - still holding the ball!

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