The ougainville Copper Project

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Des Hudson & Tony Bailey - one of these guys now lives in New York - can you tell which one? Peter Goerman on Loloho Beach.
Ketch TAUREE in the background.
Read about it here.
The Royal Yacht in Kieta Harbour in March 1971 with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh aboard
The best camp of all: Camp 6 at Loloho (or "Lollypop") Heading back up the mountain The Dream Team:
Des Hudson, Bob Green, Peter Goerman, Neil Jackson (aka "Jacko")
Did these two guys really run the entire construction project? Bougainville's equivalent of the
First Home Buyer's Scheme
Party, party, party
at Camp 6
The heavy hands of the Law Surf Beach on the way to the airport Sunday on Loloho Beach
Can you contribute photographs to this site?
Camp 1 on a rainy Sunday afternoon; the guy in yellow was with Ericssons - what is his name?  ; the chap in the lower right corner is "Goldfinger" fixing up the shoelaces on his thongs!   The Crown Prince Ranges
viewed from Pakia Gap

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