"Probably the most exclusive and beautiful accommodation in Tonga.....One for celebrities."
~The Lonely Planet
Travel Guide

The Kingdom of Tonga, nicknamed “the Friendly Islands”, consists of four main island groups, each uniquely different, with a total count of 171 islands. With fewer than 40 of these islands inhabited, Tonga is for the traveler seeking a secluded tropical paradise.

Villa Mamana, located in the Ha’apai Island group on Telekivava’u Island, is an exclusive, private island resort accommodating up to four guests at a time. Nestled among 40 acres of breeze-filled palms, pristine sand steeped in sun and azure blue lagoons, the beauty of the island is a study in textures and colors. Allow the whispers of warm pacific breezes awaken your senses or the amber glows of sunset relax your mind. The atmosphere of the resort is casual, understated elegance where shoes are optional and relaxation is mandatory.


Villa Mamana at Telekivava’u enjoys a tropical jungle setting.  The resort is especially suited for the outgoing, adventurous traveler willing to experience island-style living.