"Fantastic, wonderful & beautiful are not enough and seem too dull to describe Telekivava'u.  We cannot thank you enough for the privilege and opportunity of visiting and have voted it as our "most favourite " island...."

~ Rob & Shannon        Gallen, Australia


  • Explore uninhabited islands
  • Snorkel the pristine reefs
  • Surf Maiea Bay, waves that haven't been ridden
  • Sail among outer islands on a sailing canoe
  • Travel to Fonoi to see Tongan culture in its purest form
  • Read in a hammock
  • Walk the trails throughout the island
  • Paddle around the island on kayaks
  • Swim in the lagoon
  • Relax
  • Fishing excursions
  • Stargaze under the most perfect conditions
  • Dive on a  recently sunken 40' sailboat in the lagoon.


Kendals wife Erin swimming